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Hobie i12s Kayak Winner!

July 16, 2014 by jarndt
Hobie i12s Kayak Winner!

Mark Bewley signed up for the first time to help inspire his family to join him for the sailing celebration.  When he signed up Mark said, 'Sail a Hobie Tandem Island with my wife and 3 kids. Never boated before but now I'm hooked. Always looking for new areas to explore along coastal Virginia and NC.'  It worked and Mark has now added another Hobie to his fleet by winning the Hobie i12s sailing kayak!  Mark filled us in on a little of his sailing history and this year's family Summer Sailstice: 

Wow! I can't tell you how excited I am to win. We live in Hampton Roads and frequent the OBX year round. This kayak will get a lot of use here.

What kind of boat do you sail?

I've been sailing a Hobie Mirage Tandem Island for a two years now. We named it "SALTY" since there's no way to stay dry and your usually tasting sea spray sailing our boat. It's also the spice of life. 


Say cheese and get ready to taste the salt!

Where do you Sail?

I'm blessed to live in Hampton Roads, VA where sailing adventures are everywhere. Most of the time I explore the Sound in the Outer Banks of North Carolina looking for sandy islands for the kids to explore. The Tandem Island is perfect for shallow areas but can also handle rough, choppy waters with ease due to being a trimaran. We also spent a week this spring sailing the Florida Keys and snorkeling off our boat. I hope to make that a regular sailing destination each year. We ventured in the Atlantic Ocean off Duck, NC just last week with a beach launch. So many different options around where we are, there's always somewhere new to explore and opportunities for adventure.

Sailing the Bewley's Hobie Island 'Salty' is a family affair.

What was your first sailing experience? 

My introduction to sailing was a church sponsored sailing camp in 8th grade in Ohio. I loved it! We would take these sunfish all over the lake and see how fast we could go. The goal at that age was generally to turtle the boat for fun. 

What is your funniest sailing memory?

Not sure if it's funniest or fondest. We were about 5 miles of the coast in the reefs of Islamorada and my wife was sailing the boat. My 3 kids and I were all nearly asleep after being out snorkeling and on the water most the day. Right then, in the middle of the ocean, a small bird flew up and landed on my 6 year old son's head while he was asleep. We all woke up except for my son who was asleep and couldn't believe what we were seeing with only miles of ocean around us. Then the bird flew back and landed on my wife's hat before going on it's way. Guess it just needed a rest and preferred to perch on people's heads. LOL.

Are you a member of a sailing club?

I'm part of the Hobie Island Club. I just joined recently so still haven't been out with them yet. Hope to soon.

We didn't have a lot of submissions for the Summer Sailstic fishing contest - this could be a winner too!

Who did you sail with on the Sailstice? Is this the first Sailstice celebration you have participated in?

This was our first Sailstice. I had been begging my crew (wife and 3 kids )to come out sailing for the weekend. When I came across the Sailstice sight while exploring Hobie events online, it was perfect for getting them excited to go sailing. Everyone in the world is sailing today-- We HAVE to GO! We sailed out of Manteo in the Outer Banks and beached for a day of fishing and crabbing fun. We then sailed through a winding path where only fishing boats usually explore at 5-6 knots. Turns a lot of heads when motor boats see a sailboat getting in there. It was a great day we'll always remember. Enjoy the photos. Keep up the Sailstice!

Mark Bewley Chesapeake, VA

p.s. the last 2 pics are from our Keys trip-- couldn't resist sharing.

Hobie Island as a 'dive boat' in the Floriday Keys.

Hobie Island, family, sunshine, blue sky and breeze - what more do you need?  Of course now they also have a Hobie i12s kayak....

The Hobie Islands have peddle power if needed and you have an able crew.  No problem here.

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