How was you Summer Sailstice?

June 26, 2020 by Nicki Bennett
Capt. Suz

One of our favorite parts of Sailsitce, aside from the sailing, is the stories.

It is so incredible to read all the unique ways people sail and celebrate sailing. Some people are new to Sailsitce, many come back year after year, and a few have joined since the first Summer Sailstice in 2001.

Married on Sailstice
A Sailstice engagement in Fort Lauderdale FL. 


Russ Grant
Russ Grant celebrated sailing with his family multiple ways last weekend. 


Bob James Sailstice
8 boats socially distanced anchored in the north bay of Kelley's Island on Lake Erie

For many sailors in our community, the 2020 Summer Sailstice was their first sailing experience since the pandemic lockdown in March.

This year presented many challenges, but 1,026 participating sailors rose to the challenge. They got out and raised the sails, sailed model boats, bought boats, worked on boats, launched boats and jumped into virtual sailing worlds. They shared their passion and joy for sailing with friends, family, and community members in ways that were both thoughtful and conscientious.

Especially close to our hearts is witnessing our community passing sailing down from generation to generation. The 20th Annual Summer Sailstice was undoubtedly a success, despite an entire world of circumstances working against it.

Looking forward, it is our hope to grow Sailstice globally, connect more people through sailing, and expose this sport to new audiences. We want to see sailing expand, evolve, and become more inclusive. If you feel inclined to help us with this mission, we ask that you take a short survey on your Sailstice experience and how we can work to make it better. 

Sail safe, and sail often. 

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