Jeanneau's Mission to Preserve Marine Biodiversity

May 11, 2017 by Monica Grant
Jeanneau's Mission to Preserve Marine Biodiversity

According to the statement that heads up Jeanneau's list of values and commitments, Jeanneau is on a mission to preserve marine biodiversity.

"The marine ecosystem is among the most fragile on our planet, and it must be protected."

With this kind of commitment to to its customers and to the world, sailing a Jeanneau makes even more sense. Recognizing their role in the health of the marine ecosystem, Jeanneau engages in environmentally responsible processes in its boat production. 

"We are responsible actors in this vital challenge, as our ISO 14001 environmental standards certification attests. In our fibreglass production, we have chosen to use an injection moulding process that traps solvents and avoids the emission of VOCs into the air. In our laminating process, we now use a clean technology with a very low level of solvents (4% versus the former 60%) and curing by UV lamps."

The first Lagoon Catamaran - 1985

As well as the environment, Jeanneau aims to support Humanity, and Solidarity. The company "partners with associations and supports solidarity initiatives by associations acting directly for people in need." Associations such as Sails without Borders, which associates the maritime world with solidarity actions in order to help isolated populations that can only be reached by sea and river.

So if you are a Jeanneau sailor, you are also a part of a mission that helps humanity, and works to preserving marine biodiversity. With that in mind, remember to share the good vibes and Sign up, or renew your registration for Summer Sailstice 2017, tell us your sailing plans, and invite your Jeanneau owning friends (and others) to celebrate with you on June 24.

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Sun Kiss - 1983

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