Make your Summer Sailstice Event a Clean Regatta!

April 15, 2018 by Monica Grant
Make your Summer Sailstice Event a Clean Regatta!

Have you ever sailed in, or organized a Clean Regatta? A Clean Regatta is a very simple way in which we can all help look after our sailing grounds. 

Recently we came across this video which highlights the stress and devastation we are causing our planet and has given us even more cause to promote Clean Regattas - 

It looks very grim right? But we can help stem the tide of trash taking over our oceans and our lives. Our Summer Sailstice partner, Sailors for the Sea has created the Clean Regattas program as part of their mission to look after our oceans, and we can do our part by including some very simple steps in our sailing plans.

In 2006, Sailors for the Sea created Clean Regattas - the world’s only sustainability certification for water-based events. One part education and two parts activation, the program unites and mobilizes sailors by offering resources and support to help us conserve and protect the ocean and waterways.

Clean Regattas is a program of ‘25 Best Practices’ to ensure your sailing event reduces its environmental impact. The program is now being implemented across the globe by everyone from Opti sailors to America’s Cup competitors. Over 1,000 regattas, gams, rallies, sailing centers and cruises, and 400,000 sailors have participated in the program since its inception. 

Take a look at who has come before you and be inspired by the great work they’re doing: 

Sailing World Cup Miami: More than 540 sailors from 50 nations competed in the Sailing World Cup Miami; a Silver Level Clean Regatta. Prior to the event the US Sailing Team removed nearly 2,500 pounds of debris along Coconut Grove’s shoreline. 

Block Island Race Week ran a Gold Level Clean Regatta for the first time. Their actions included moving competitors' boats outside of the Great Salt Pond to have their bottoms cleaned. This helped reduce their impact on the ecosystem by keeping removed debris out of the shallow salt-pond waters.

Charleston Race Week has achieved Gold Level Clean Regatta certification for this year’s event.

Chicago Yacht Club's 109th Race to Mackinac was a Clean Regatta for the third year running. CYC initiated several of the 25 Best Practices including reusable water bottles and reusable cups for celebratory drinks.

Of course you don’t have to achieve Gold, Silver or even Bronze level. Simply implementing one or more of the 25 Best Practices ensures you are taking a great step toward improving the health of the world’s oceans and waterways. And as they say, every step counts, no matter how big or small. 

 Clean Regattas certification levels

For added encouragment, Sailors for the Sea will send a SFTS burgee and Ocean Watch Magazine subsciption to every club, school or organization that hosts a Summer Sailstice registered 'Clean Regatta'.

Implement any or all of the 25 Best Practices and make your Summer Sailstice event a Clean Regatta. 

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