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Newport Harbor Sabot Regatta

July 14, 2014 by Abby
Newport Harbor Sabot Regatta

Adults Race at Newport Harbor Yacht Club

Twenty-five Senior Naples Sabot racers converged on Newport Harbor Yacht Club for the second race in the SCWSA (Southern California Women’s and Men’s Sailing Association) series on Sunday, June 22, 2014.  The weather was perfect for sailing with a brisk wind the whole day. There was some chop and a lot of traffic in the turning basin.  The Sabot is an 8 foot long dinghy with one sail and a lee board, developed during the second world war. It is very popular in Southern California as a first boat for beginning junior sailors as well as for members of all ages who want to sail single handed.  We have quite a few active racers who are in their eighties.  It is easily transported on car tops or trailers and will fit in station wagons or small trucks. The Senior and Masters Sabot Nationals are held each year throughout Southern California draws up to fifty racers.

     The SCWSA series of five regattas for 2014 started with the May 3 event at Mission Bay Yacht Club.  The NHYC Regatta was second. The next regatta in the SCWSA series will be at Balboa Yacht Club on September 13. We expect  many  racers will be coming to compete from San Diego to Long Beach.  On Sunday, October 19, we will be racing at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club.  The finale will again be at San Diego Yacht Club on Saturday, November 1. Overall trophies for the series will be presented at that time.

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