Oh Boy, Sailstice Sailors Love to Win!

August 19, 2019 by Monica Grant
Oh Boy, Sailstice Sailors Love to Win!

We've been busy awarding this year's Summer Sailstice prizes to participants, and boy are they happy to win! 

Everything from live aboard and online Sailing courses, waterproof cases and duffels, sailing-watches, caps, sailing magazine subscriptions and nautical books to docklines, dockcarts, halyards, backpacks, headlamps, solarpanels, winch handles and powered winch handles, personalised boarding mats... we could be here all day!  It's probably easier if you take a look at the prize page and see what this year's Sailstice sailors have won. 

But first, we'd like to share some of the photos and stories that the prize winners have been sending in repsonse to their prize notificaions.

Neal Harvey won the Happy Trails Set from SailorBags and judging by the photos he sent us, it's the perfect prize.
Making pies
"We did a campfire on the beach and I cooked cherry mountain pies for the group.

"Neal sails his Custom built 52 ft sloop Harvest Moon out of Stingray Harbor Yacht Club in Deltaville, Virginia and celebrated Summer Sailstice with a sail on Chesapeake Bay and anchor out at Little Bay.
Neal Harvey composite photo
"There were 11 boats in our group, but more from other groups."

Allen Hill and Greg Geracioti each won a Clear Start Watch from Ronstan International.
Ronstan ClearStart x 2

"I don't have pictures. I sail on a Hunter 25 out of what has been renamed (after a merge) Lorain Harbor Boat Club in Lorain, Ohio. My crew sailed out of the Black river to Lake Erie with other boats from the club enjoying the day. I however had to work that day so I was on the Cleveland Fireboat 'Celebreeze' out of the Cuyahoga river to Lake Erie keeping on the lookout for everyone else."
Lorian YC Regatta
Here's a photo we found on the club's website of their 3rd annual "Race around the Wrecks" on Saturday, July 27th.

Peter, Dale and 23 other sailors won a 1-year subscription to Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine (formerly Cruising Outpost).
Latitudes & Attitudes winner  Latitudes & Attitudes
Peter's keen to get his copy!

"Thank you so much for a great surprise on a hot, sunny afternoon! I’ve often picked up Latitudes & Attitudes to keep alive my dream of sailing something larger than my 17’ sailboat on our land-locked lake 100 yards from our house! I look forward to receiving the magazine and appreciate your support of this great summertime event." - Dale Leidheiser

Ted Corlett, owner of EasyStow Fenders and fantastic, long-term supporter of sailing and Summer Sailstice, won a pair of Spiroll Chafe Guards. This year Ted celebrated Summer Sailstice by racing from Chicago to Waukegan from Chicago aboard an Elan 40.

"Great news. I have seen Spirolls Chafe Guards before and met Mark at a boat show years ago. Look forward to getting them!"





Maureen Mastroieni from Liberty Sailing Club, Philadelphia, PA said this when she heard about winning first prize in the 2019 Video Challenge

"Thank you so much! It was fun to create the video (something I'd never done before) and I think it captures the essence of Liberty Sailing Club. Our members are wholeheartedly enthusiastic about welcoming new sailors, and our membership has expanded dramatically over the past 3-4 years. Our boats are on the water five days a week (up from three when I joined in 2009). Some folks are happy to cruise; others welcome the challenge of racing. Events like the Sailstice Super Soaker bring out everyone for a fun evening, and engage viewers on the waterfront as well. (In fact, this year one of our boats turned their super soakers on a yoga class that was being held at the end of the Cherry Street Pier. Ooops! But it was a hot night.) Summer Sailstice is so much fun, and a great way to promote sailing. We thank you and US Sailing for giving us yet another excuse to get out on the water, and will use the camera to make more videos!"


Thank you again to all our sponsors, partners and prize donors. Every year we reach thousands of current, new, and returning sailors and inspire them to get out on the water and enjoy this excellent sport. We couldn't do it without you!


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