Oklahoma Sailors Celebrate Despite Imminent Storms

June 23, 2016 by Monica Grant
Oklahoma Sailors Celebrate Despite Imminent Storms

Teresa Smith Galoob and her husband, Mike, were part of a small but hardy group of sailors who braved bleak weather and storm warnings to celebrate Summer Sailstice in Oklahoma. Hosted by the Thunderbird Sailing Club, the original plan was to sail Board boats on the lake. But all the best plans are still affected by the weather and the “diehard” sailors enjoyed low-speed sailing during brief intervals of fair winds on Lake Thunderbird, in Norman, OK. 

However while he darkening skies and imminent storms were a deterrent to some, the enthusiastic sailors were inspired by Summer Sailstice and took to the water to kick off their summer of sailing. 

Thunderbird Sailing Club’s Rear Admiral, Jason Pudlo, and his three children sailed aboard the club’s Optimists alongside Teresa and Mike who were aboard their “advanced’ Vanguard boat, a Laser 2 named ‘Nessie’.

Teresa was impressed by the fact that the young Pudlo sailors braved the weather and tested the skills they had acquired through the club’s Kid's Kamp.

“A few Young Optimist sailors were in accompaniment, whom really deserve recognition for bravery, as that day, despite all our best intentions, turned out to be spoiled with typical Oklahoma storm warnings and bleak conditions,” Teresa said. 


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