Point Yacht Club's Annual Sailstice Celebration Success!

July 7, 2019 by Monica Grant
Point Yacht Club's Annual Sailstice Celebration Success!

Point Yacht Club (PtYC) in Josephine, Alabama has been celebrating Summer Sailstice since at least 2014 - that's how many flags we can see!

Sailstice flags

Every June this group of hearty and passionate sailors leaves the dock and sails to Redfish Point – the location of which we can't find on a map so it must be a secret – and join the world in celebrating Summer Sailstice and the start of the northern hemisphere's summer and sailing season. And of course, while we realize there are many places north of the equator that don't really have to wait for summer to be able to enjoy sailing, Summer Sailstice has been reminding sailors, and non-sailors the world over that they were placed on the earth to sail. At least that's what we like to think!

PtYC beach shot

Here's the official report of PtYC's 2019 Summer Sailstice celebrations:

"The Point Yacht Club of Josephine, AL spent a beautiful weekend at Redfish Point celebrating #SummerSailstice 2019. The winds were perfect for sailing both there and back. Our always enthusiastic group had a great time hanging on the beach [imagine emoji of beach and umbrella], with sailor libations  and delicious food. Fantastic sunsets on Friday and Saturday and no rain. Only sun and fun! Ended the weekend with a champagne brunch on the beach, sound side. Thank you to all who came out to sail and play! Thank you, John Arndt, and all of the SummerSailstice Team. We had a blast. Until next year, sail on sailors!" 
- All the best, Jody and John Horner, S/V Hula Girl.

PtYC sunset and flag
Summer Sailstice Sunset 2019. #northsailssunsetrisephotocomp

PtYC umbrella bubbles
Sailors are a creative bunch.

PtYC group shot
Each year the sailors send us a group photo of their Summer Sailstice celebrations.

#howdidyousail #sendphotos

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