Purists May Scoff: Racine Yacht Club No Sails Required Race

April 27, 2016 by jarndt
Purists May Scoff: Racine Yacht Club No Sails Required Race
In 2015 the Racine Yacht Club drafted the rules for a No Sails Required Regatta.  We think they should be required reading:
Racine Yacht Club Sails Not Required Regatta
Purists may scoff, sailmakers may quake, PRO’s may be idled, loud voices may be stilled but, at the end of the day, any sailor who paid up the $1 entry fee to enter Racine Yacht Club’s summer solstice regatta on the Sailstice usually finds reason to smile.   The pointless ‘race’ instructions below make clear this is a completely absurd race – and that’s the point.  
- Racine Yacht Club Summer Solstice Regatta -
    June 20, 2015
Fun Race & Event
A Day On the Open Water
Any vessel, any size with or without sails eligible
Cook out to Follow-Bring something to grill
Bring some thing to Share
Race Fee $1.00
Condition of Race
2.1 Anything goes
2.2 Wisconsin Boating Regulations apply
2.3 Safety equipment required-as outlined by the WDNR
3.1 Any vessel with or without sails
3.2 Any length vessel
3.3 Any source of power- wind, oars, electric motor, fuel empowered
Schedule of Event 
Saturday June 20, 2015- “Summer Solstice”
  -Check in…..None
-Skipper’s meeting…..None
-Awards…..1500 (4pm)
-Cook Out to follow awards- Bring something to share
5.1 Between 1000 and 1500- start anywhere after 1000
5.2 Must spend at least two (2) hours on the open water
Hours do not need to be continuous or consecutive. 
Take along a lunch, stop at the beach, stop at the clubhouse, make a day of it.
Course- Boat Must Leave the Shore, Dock, or Slip
6.1 None- anywhere on the open water of the Root River
       Racing harbor basin and the open waters on the Lake
6.2 Starting line- None- anywhere your boat is slipped, moored, stored, or enters said waters. 
6.3 Finish line- None- Any safe dockage at RYC or any safe dockage of skipper’s choice.
8.0 Registration upon completion of 2 hrs, pay $1.00 at RYC bar between 1:00-3 PM
9.0 Awards: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Traveling Trophies 
Despite the efforts to tone down the competitive juices of sailors sharing a ‘race course’, there will, no doubt, be the occasional adjustments made to seek an edge and nose out in front of all who dare come near.  But regardless of whether you  wake up early or sleep late, hike out or lounge in the cockpit the finish line at the RYC bar will be ready to collect your $1 fee and, for a few more bucks, fill any glass you want. 
Racine Yacht Club is one of the hundreds of active Midwestern clubs on North America’s ‘fresh water coast’ that is packed with active sailors, a great junior program and a passion for sailing.  Summer Sailstice is one weekend they invite all their sailors (and everyone else) to ‘get out the boat’, hoist sails, ‘race’ a course of their choosing at their own pace and reward themselves with a social gathering at the end.  
We know there’s a refined art to racing but often missed is the fine art of a chilled out, recreational, afternoon sail.  For those who’ve forgotten how this may be the perfect event.  
After a day of 'racing' the docks at RYC are a great place to chill out.
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