Reality Sailing Restores Vessel for Youth Sailing Program

July 15, 2019 by Monica Grant
Reality Sailing Restores Vessel for Youth Sailing Program

When Manuel 'Manny' Moreno sent us photos of his Summer Sailstice celebrations, he mentioned that he'd been working on a sailboat restoration for Reality Sailing Youth Program. We encouraged him to enter the Rest0re an Old Sailboat Contest, and he did! 

Here is Manny's entry:

Hello sailing enthusiasts, 

It all started in August 2016 when the owner of Pier 32 Marina gave us the tool that would change our sailing program forever: a 1975 cutter rig 38 full keel Downeaster. The owner had lost interest in the boat. It was neglected and pretty much abandoned after a powerful storm hit San Diego Bay and caused the beautiful cruiser to break loose from her mooring ball. The boat drifted and her stern hit the Star of India – a steel hull vessel which is a San Diego landmark and part of the San Diego Maritime Museum's fleet. Our boat, Tidal Treasure, suffered substantial damage to her starboard stern and took on water before her recovery.

Tidal Treasure before restoration began
A rough looking boat. But her true beauty will reappear.

The boat was then brought to the marina and was about to be sold to the highest bidder. Greg, who had always supported our youth program reached out to me and offered Tidal Treasure as a donation for the sailing program. It was a great feeling to able to give our small-sailboat students the opportunity to move to a cruiser to continue their sailing education. And so I accepted her.

Tidal Treasure hole in Transom

After surveying the boat we decided to take it to the Marine Group boatyard to work on her hull and have a good foundation to start with. By the way, the boat had no engine, the teak was in bad shape, portlights were trashed, sails ripped, dozens of blisters on her hull, which looked like the Great Barrier Reef. The life-lines were broken and rusted and the interior was a mess. You name it. The boat was ready to go to the boneyard. But what caught my attention was her beautiful classic lines and bullet-proof hull.

Tidal Treasure looking better
Looking better!

Ever since, almost every day and putting in long hours, I have worked on this restoration project. All because I want to offer sailing classes to the less privileged and minorities who have not been exposed to the most eco friendly transportation system; sailing. 

I can write a book. In fact I will, and because that would bring funds to our program. But I won't bore you with words. Instead I sent the pictures that tell a thousand words.

Tidal Treasure interior
Tidal Treasure on the hard 2016-2017


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