From Richmond to Benicia on Sailstice

July 8, 2021 by delandz_25974
Sunset Carquinez

A Sailstice tale from 5-year participant Dale Land hailing from Richmond Yacht Club.

Attached are a few photos from our Sailstice 2021 weekend trip from Brickyard Cove Marina/aka Richmond Boardwalk to Benicia aboard my Beneteau 361 '3rd ENCORE,' the trip was a few days before the official 6/19-6/20 weekend, it was a smooth and enjoyable sail.

dale land

The photos are as I approached the Carquinez Bridge and others are Sunset from and of downtown Benicia and finally, the Osprey at the entrance into Brickyard Cove Marina when we returned.

dale land

The "ride" back on Saturday was a wild one, heavy chop, and wind, I had gusts up to 44kts, with that said I was too busy to take photos of the trip back! Of 4 boats in our group 2 experienced damage including a broken boom and mainsail track separating from the mast. 

dale land

Thanks for the continued support! -Dale Land

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