RSVP Prize Winner Announced

June 25, 2019 by Monica Grant
RSVP Prize Winner Announced

Did you or your club host a Summer Sailstice event? And if you did, did you share the event's url with all your family, friends and club mates and invite them to join your event and RSVP on your page?  If you encouraged everyone to RSVP to your Summer Sailstice event then you had a good chance of winning this year's Best RSVP List contest, sponsored by Team McLube.

For those sailors who took advantage of the RSVP function the results were great! It's like being first at a party, no one wants to be first, but once someone arrives the momentum kicks in and the guests follow, sometimes en mass! We tried to help by creating ready-to-use, prewritten content and images which you would have found on our Organize an Event page.

Here's what an active RSVP list looks like: 


The best thing about the RSVP list is that not only do 'you' see who's coming, everyone else does too. So those sailors who might be sitting on the fence, or rather the dock, and dithering over whether or not to join you, will see that everyone else is signing up. No one wants to be left behind, so it's very likely that they'll sign up too and add to the fun!

And that's exactly what happened. Several events used the RSVP function and had good response.

SpinSheet Take Someone Sailing
Guests prepare to board the boats at SpinSheet Magazine's 'Take Someone Sailing Day' in Annapolis, MD. Photo: Craig Ligibel

The following events had five or more people sign up on their page: 
Lake Eustis Fun Sail & Picnic;  Bonneville School of Sailing's annual social sail to Pelican Bay Marina; 2019 Scotch Bonnet Light RaceDisabled Veterans Sail Day; Morning and Afternoon Sail on Schooner Seaward for Summer Sailstice!; Cruise to Leschi or Kirkland for Lunch; Chatham Sailing Club - Raft-up and Beach Trip; 5th Annual Cherokee Lake Sailing Club, Tennessee Summer Sailstice Pursuit Race; Owl Harbor Raft UpTake Someone Sailing Day

Chatham Sailing Club hoists the flag for Summer Sailstice 2019.

Well done everyone! And it gets better. These next events had more than 10 RSVPs:

Hunter Sailing Association Station #1Port Elgin Harbour's 'Round the island Rally; 19th Annual Pacific Northwest Jeanneau RendezvousLake Canyon Yacht Club's 6th Anniversary Event ft. the Summer Sailstice Pluckers and Pirates; 2019 Southern Chesapeake Bay's Summer Sailstice w/ HYC & BBSA; Go Aboard a Real Sailboat at the Keyport Yacht Club Open House!

Aaaanndd... the 2019 Best RSVP List prize goes to...

The Flying Scot celebration at Deep Creek Lake, MD.. Flying Scot Inc. aimed to have all 200 hundred local boats sailing for Summer Sailstice on their home waters at Deep Creek Lake. We don't know if they reached their target, but we do know that they were off to a good start with 20 sailors adding their RSVP to the Flying Scot, Summer Sailstice event page. How good is that!

Flying Scots - RSVP winner

Flying Scot RSVP

Flying Scot Inc. has won the 2019 Best RSVP List contest with 20 RSVPs and will receive a case of McLube Sailkote to share among its members. 

McLube Sailkote

How was your Summer Sailstice? Send us photos and stories and we'll make you famous!

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SpinSheet Take Someone Sailing _onboard
SpinSheet introduced new-comers to sailing on Summer Sailstice. Photo: Craig Ligibel

The next Summer Sailstice is on June 20, 2020! Save the date now the 20th annual Summer Sailstice, global celebration of sailing.

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