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Ryan Foland: Ambassador

March 17, 2022 by Nicki Bennett
Ryan Foland

Ryan Foland is joining the ambassador fleet from southern California where he sails his Cal 34 'Bingo' regularly. Ryan is one of the hosts of Latitude 38's Good Jibes podcast and a great ambassador for sailing. 

Tell us a bit about yourself! 

I grew up in a family of sailors, and have a passion for spending time on the ocean. I own a 1977 Cal 34 and frequently sail to Big Geiger Cove, Catalina Island. I love sailing with my wife, and also enjoy single-handed adventures. Out of necessity, I've learned a lot about working on my diesel engine, and enjoy figuring out my various boat projects. For me, sailing is an escape from hustle of business. And to make the work I do more fun, I always love to incorporate sailing into it. I sometimes contribute to Latitude 38 and Lectronic Latitude, and I'm excited to be a host of the Good Jibes Podcast. It helps me to not only share my passion for sailing with the world, but I'm able to meet and learn from other sailors with much more experience than me. I'm excited to support Summer Sailstice and help expose more people to the magic that sailing offers. I also hope that being involved helps connect me to more sailors, which means more chances to sail, be it cruising or racing.

What is your favorite color? 

Cobalt blue

Preferred type of sailing: 

I'm more of a cruiser than a racer, but have enjoyed getting more involved in racing and learning along the way. I have raced a Wavelength 24′ for an entire Summer Series, a Santa Cruz 36 around the Farallon Islands, and I participated in the 2021 California Race Week on a Santa Cruz 52. By far, my favorite sailing is on my 1970-something Laser named Sandy Bottom. The hours sailing off the cost of Catalina Island, going where the wind blows, are some of my favorite times.

Boat Make:  

1977 Cal 34 III

Boat Length: 

34 Feet

Boat Name: 



Huntington Harbor

Favorite Point of Sail: 

Broad reach

How long have you been sailing? 

Since I can remember. As a kid, growing up on Catalina Island during the summers, I always had a Sabot, and eventually upgraded to a Laser.

What do you love about sailing?

The freedom. The challenge. The need for mindfulness. The sounds. The adventure. The connection with nature.

How long have you been participating in Summer Sailstice? 

This will be my second year, but first as an ambassador.

Are you a part of any sailing clubs, fleets or organizations? 

Yes, Blue Water Cruising Club.

Who is your sailing hero?

I don't think I really have one. For me, sailing is less about the individual, and more about how each person has a connection with aspects of sailing that speak to them.

What is your bucket list sailing trip? 

Definately the PAC Cup, to Hawaii.

Favorite Sailing Movie? 


Catch up with Ryan on Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Medium, Quora or his website. 



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