Sailing Event or Circus Party? Why choose?!

July 10, 2015 by saraharndt
Sailing Event or Circus Party? Why choose?!

How to make next year’s Summer Sailstice bigger, and better, and wackier than ever before?

Floating dance floors and aerial acrobatics! It may sound more like a circus than a sailing event, but we think it tops the list of most rad Summer Sailstice events ever. Like seriously, ever. Presented by the Unofficial Washed Up Yacht Club…. their ability to plan a fun time is hard to beat! The photos speak for themselves but if you’re wondering exactly what it all is, or how to plan one yourself, here’s a list of the perks:

  • 32 boats rafted up as a sunflower in Clipper Cove, San Francisco Bay (Treasure Island)
  • Floating central dance floor with painted bridges to boats
  • Saturday AND Sunday weddings
  • Floating trampoline
  • Aerial acrobatic performances
  • Fire dancers

Some came "for the wedding(s). Stayed for the floating hot tub registered sea vessel." Other came to cut hair and "ask for people's stories." Then they made a video about it! Check it out.

And everyone made lots of new friends and reconnected with old ones. Cheers to the Unofficial Washed Up Yacht Club for hosting a festive event with true Sailstice spirit! 


Running lights? Actually, night fire jugglers sending out signals to join the party.

32 boat star raft up with trampoline - hard to beat!

Life is good with friends on sailboats!



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