Sailing Renaissance On The Water And In The News?

May 21, 2016 by jarndt
Sailing Renaissance On The Water And In The News?

Has everyone spent so much time staring at computer screens that they're finally looking up to see a lone sailboat and starting to think, how come I'm not out there sailing?  Truth is the vast majority of people live pretty close to a body of water with sailing available yet the vast majority of those same people also feel they need to 'win the lottery' to sail.  Not so.  

Below are a few articles we've spotted recently in the 'mainstream' media which give a better picture of sailing though still heavily weighted to the America's Cup, lottery-winning image of sailing.  Despite that, it's cool to read the stories of the America's Cup in the press but also stories of a new marina in Brooklyn and growing up sailing on a small island in Maine.  There are hints of sailing for regular folks beyond the world beyond of those who win the lottery or cash out with an IPO.

Another aspect highlighted is the waterfront redevelpment.  New York is one of many once magnificent places to sail that, over the years, became heavily polluted, practically too toxic to sail and with an industrial shoreline that made it very challenging or dangerous to go from land-bound to afloat.  Happily, that's changing too.  Community sailing programs such as Rocking the Boat in the Bronk, the new One15 Brooklyn Marina and sailing schools like Offshore Sailing in downtown Manhattan are examples of expanding access in New York which is unfolding in other densely populated metropolitan areas.  This is all good for sailing, good for the environment and good for people.

The annual Summer Sailstice celebration of sailing is one weekend when all sailors can help update the mistaken public misperception of sailing to bring attention to the far more prevalent forms of sailing available to regular folks everywhere.  Cool to see sailing in the media and great to have sailors start their summer of sailing 'together' on the solstice weekend.


Porter Fox had a nice story in the New York Times of boatbuilding, being raised on an island in Maine and sailing the Maine Coast.


Chris Museler of the NYTimes writes about the Cup and 'the foiling generation' who are growing up with the Moth, Extreme Series and a foiling America's Cup.


Sarah Maslin Nir introduces another aspect of New York City waterfront rehabilitation in the New York Times with a story on the new One15 Brooklyn Marina.


John Clarke writes in the Washington Post how waterfront redevelopment of New York's 520 miles of shoreline, the America's Cup and new marinas are breathing new life into sailing which started with the arrival of Henry Hudson over 400 years ago.


Bernie Wilson of the Associated Press recently had a story in the Washington Post about the new San Francisco Yacht Racing Challenge in Super 12s.

Is it the Cup?  The desire to get outdoors and reconnect with nature?  Improved access and cleaner waterways?  Whatever the reason it appears more people are finding their way to the water to sail and the media is finding some great reasons to include sailing in the coverage.  And that's the way we like it! 








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