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Sailing Sans Water

July 7, 2022 by Sailing Avocet

This year’s Smith Creek Roundup during the Summer Sailstice brought out 13 Blokart land sailors! The winds were all over the scale out on the playa, giving the sailors plenty of opportunities to sail all day long! The group camped on the smoothest area of the dry lakebed in tents, the backs of trucks, vans, trailers and motor homes all enjoying the comforts of the Nevada desert. With the frequent sounds of the US Navy’s Top Gun jets training, they raced across the playa trying to keep up with the jets that flew overhead. One of the favorite runs is the "Cow to Cow" where at each end of the 7 mile long playa run is the skeleton of a once-former-resident cow. Most participants spent over a week while others came out for only a day or two, but regardless of the duration fun was had by all catching the wind in their sails! Not to mention, with natural hot springs nearby many were able relax and clean up after a long day of sailing out on the playa.

This has been an annual event for over 15 years hosted by the Nevada Wind Seekers Landsailing group. We hope some of you will consider joining them to celebrate next year’s Summer Sailstice! 

Photo Wendy Kirkland
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