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Sailing in Second Life

July 6, 2022 by Sailing Avocet
VR sailing

Remember our Ambassador Dave Bloch and his unique Summer Sailstice celebration? Let us refresh your memory: Dave sailed on June 18th alongside hundreds of other sailors without even getting his keel wet! These sailors came together online through the Virtual Reality website Second Life where they sailed until the digital sunset. 

In Second Life, there was 20 hours of events on Sailstice Saturday, plus an Expo that ran Friday thru Tuesday, music at Malolo Island Marina Friday through Sunday, and a curated digital art exhibition from the Museo del Metaverso (the owner is in Milan, Italy) that went until July 8th - sounds like quite the celebration! "We are probably the biggest Sailstice event in terms of length, venues, number of participants, and certainly in our worldwide coverage!" Dave said when he gave us a recap of the event.

We are always so excited to see the different ways participants celebrate sailing on the longest weekend of the year, and this may definitely be one of the most unique events we have seen to date. Do you have one that you think is unique? Share it with us!

Here more about virtual sailing from Dave Bloch in an interview in the Good Jibes Podcast.

sailing in vr


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