Sailors Support Healthy Waterways While Celebrating Sailstice

September 11, 2019 by Monica Grant
Sailors Support Healthy Waterways While Celebrating Sailstice

Summer Sailstice was created to promote participation in sailing and to encourage newcomers to experience this great sport. Each year clubs, fleets and assocations gather their members and create community events to get everyone on the water and off the docks. This year, one group took the gathering to a new level when they partnered with Keep Virginia Beautiful and used their Sailstice celebration to promote environmentally supportive, sailing practices to help keep their waterways clean and healthy.
Keep Virginia Beautiful

Hampton Yacht Club & Broad Bay Sailing Assocation (HYC & BBSA) got together for a Sailstice celebration with a difference when they teamed up with Keep Virginia Beautiful and incorporated a beach clean-up event into their annual, June sailing celebration. And from what they've told us, the partnership was a great success.

"Saturday most boats sailed over to Pirate’s Beach. Donna & Joel were the first to walk the area to clean up any trash. It’s wonderful how boaters keep this island so clean. The only trash found were a wooden crab crate & a wet cardboard box, which we later burned in our campfire. Keep Virginia Beautiful gave us a stainless-steel Spork with a Serrated Knife Edge to bring to the beach to use instead of bringing plastic utensils that could blow away. 

"Everyone brought to the beach what they needed to use, so there were no community stacks of items. I love this idea; I hope we do more of this to keep the waste down. Thank you Keep Virginia Beautiful for the idea."

But beach cleaning wasn't the only activity on the clubs' weekend-long agenda, they were also there to sail and to celebrate with friends, which they did in great style. 

BBSA & HYC stylin'

"Thursday we sailed to Jackson Creek for the Progressive Dinner. Everyone dinghied to Modus Vivendi (Host - Sergio, Misty & Mary) for a dinghy rafted up. This is where everyone one received which boat they were to go to for Salad, Dinner & Dessert. Salad Boats were TWE on Dessert First (Host- Bev & Jack) & Sugaree (Suzie & Brad). Entrée Boats were Seaquel (Donna & Joel), Spindrift V.2 (Jean & Rick), & Lady Charlotte (Meredith & Gary). Dessert boats Flight Risk (Host- Cathy Eric, Melody & Russ) & Dessert First (Host- Debbie, Ron & Maureen).

BBSA & HYC progressive dinner

 "Friday the wind was really blowing, so we decided to stay at the Jackson Creek anchorage. We had the wine tasting on Modus Vivendi. (It was a little tight, but better than being sandblasted at the beach.) Shortly after the wine tasting, Serenade (Charity & Dan) arrived with friends (Tina & Dave) from Maine. It was such a small world, Dave grew up with John Arndt, the founder of Summer Sailstice."

And just to make sure no one ran out of things to do, the group also organized a 'Team Building Sailboat Race'.

"Every team was able to build their boat from anything they salvage from the beach and was able to pick their sail from recycled plastic bags, plus was also given twine and a roll of duct tape. The Winner was Feather built by Bev, Jack & Misty. Other boats were Lady O’ War (Cathy, Jean & Suzie), Beer Tiki (Brad, Rick & Sergio) and The Eagle (Debbie, Mary & Ron)."

BBSA & HYC boat building

And there were prizes!

"Chesapeake Sailmakers donated a briefcase (won by Eric) & a Tanbark Sail Bag (won by Meredith). West Marine also donated a cooler so we could bring ice to the beach (won by Brad) and a Retractable Boat Hook. Misty was the last one standing on the Limbo Hook."

BBSA & HYC prizes and winners

BBSA & HYC limbo party

Thanks to Hampton Yacht Club & Broad Bay Sailing Assocation for this great write up and all the photos. It's great to see clubs and individuals getting on board for Summer Sailstice and making it a memorable celebration. 

Right now, we're gearing up for Summer Sailstice 2020 — the 20th Anniversary Celebration, which incidently will be held on June 20, 2020. This must herald the coming of a fantastic Summer Sailstice, and a fantastic summer of sailing to follow.

Keep an eye out for updates, invites and sneaky little contests as we swing into fall and the holiday season ahead. With all this down-time it'll be an awesome opportunity to make plans and get ready for Summer Sailstice 2020. 

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