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Sailstice with Ambassador Ros de Vries and Island Yacht Club

June 25, 2021 by Nicki Bennett

Summer Sailstice was quite breezy on the San Francisco Bay. Though the sun was shining, we received many reports of 30-knot winds. One relatively mellow area of the Bay was the Oakland Alameda Estuary. Sailors on the Estuary enjoyed a mild breeze, plenty of sun, and warm temperatures. 


Ambassador Ros de Vries and crew sailed her Santa Cruz 27 Medusa up the Estuary to Clipper Cove, where they rafted up with other boats from Island Yacht Club. Clipper Cove was full of boats, and raft-ups from a few different clubs, all tied up to celebrate Sailstice. Ros has been a great ambassador this year, is a passionate sailor, and works really hard to contribute to and grow her community.

Raft Up

Island Yacht Club Clipper Cove Raft-Up Crew

On Medusa - Santa Cruz 27: Ros & Nathan de Vries, Monique & Berty Selvester, Melanie Popper
On Amanda - Catalina 36: Eric Korbas, Maribel Torres, Esther Mui and Daisy 

On Bluewater - Seawind 1000 Catamaran: Lawrence Kerver & mate





Did you sail on Summer Sailsitce? Make sure to send us your photos and videos so we can share them. You also have a bit more time to enter our 2021 contests. You can view and enter the contests here. 

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