Senate Votes to Make Evening Sailing Permanent

March 19, 2022 by Nicki Bennett

After heavy lobbying by the Summer Sailstice PAC the US Senate finally relented to making summer, evening sailing a year-round possibility! On Tuesday, March 15th the Senate passed legislation that would make daylight saving time permanent starting in 2023 which ends the twice-annual changing of clocks. It's a move supported by Summer Sailstice sailors everywhere and celestial navigators who won't have to get up so early in the morning for their first sun shot and can catch an evening sun shot later in the day. In addition, there is more opportunity for brighter afternoons and evening sailing.  If you haven't added your sunny, summer 2022 Sailstice plans to the map yet, now is a good time to post in solidarity with this movement towards a "brighter" future.

What would you do with longer daylight hours year round? More sailing we hope! Join us in celebration of the 22nd annual Summer Sailstice. Sign up today!

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