Sooke Sailing Restores an Old Sailboat.

July 1, 2019 by Monica Grant
Sooke Sailing Restores an Old Sailboat.

When Sooke Sailing was formed in 2013 there were hardly any sailboats on the Sooke waters. Now, thanks largely to the efforts of Sooke Sailing and the local businesses and Rotary Club, sailboats are a common sight, even in the winter months.

Part of Sooke Sailing's success comes from its program of repairing and onselling older sailboats. "Thru the years several boats have gone thru our organization and been repaired and sold for money to by dinghies and equipment."


Sooke Sailing Association is now entering one of their restoration projects in the Summer Sailstice 'Restore an Old Sailboat' contest:

Sooke Contest boat


"Last year we entered our Richardson Dingy into the restore an old sailboat contest. Well when winter came and Mitchell Johnson started in on the repairs he had no idea of the magnitude of the problems. He spent all winter on her and by June she was ready to launch. He is now out sailing around Vancouver Island in his 26ft folk boat with the dinghy as his Tender. Oh to be 20 again."
Folk boat & tender


Sooke Sailing's second boat is a Richardson Aqua Craft, a 12 ft Cedar Strip Sailing Dinghy built around 1962.

"In 1967 it was found in bad repair by the Roots Family on the banks of the Gataneau River. They restored it, and their kids and grand-kids learned to sail in her. They felt she was not being used the last 5 years and saw us out sailing all the time so graciously donated her to the Sooke Sailing Association. We expect to have the outside done in a few weeks to sail her this summer then do the inside this winter when we have a little more time inside."

Internal ribs


Dinghy alongside

How is your boat restoration coming along? It's okay if you're not finished, sent along some photos anyway. We'd love to see it!

And while you're entering the Restore an Old Sailboat contest, take a look at the other 2019 contests and get your entries ready. You have just under two weeks until the closing date!

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