Summer Sailstice 2019 Prize Draw Gets Underway

July 8, 2019 by Monica Grant
Summer Sailstice 2019 Prize Draw Gets Underway

Well. it's that time! The Summer Sailstice on-water celebrations have passed, but the fun continues. The 2019 prize draw has begun and we're ready to announce the first winners. But first, a word for our sponsors, partners, prize donors and supporters:

"Thank you!" 

"We love how you support sailing and we appreciate all that you do for the sport and for Summer Sailstice. This year's celebration has been a great success and we can't wait to see what next year's 20th anniversary brings to the party."

To get the ball rolling, or in this case the prizes rolling, here's what's happened so far. Last week, just prior to the 4th of July holiday, we awarded the prizes from our Gold level partner, US Sailing. US Sailing has been fantastic in growing and supporting sailing across the country, and in recent months has been instrumental in promoting Summer Sailstice to all its affiliated sailing schools, clubs and organizations. And that's on top of the prizes they donated.

US Sailing prizes 2019

And speaking of prizes, here are the winners:

Tim, David, Jack, Kurt, D-Ray and William have each won a 1-year US Sailing Membership.

Rendezvous and Robin have each won a copy of  US Sailing's Teach Sailing the Fun Way.

Rob and Mark have each won a copy of US Sailing's Learn Sailing Right: Beginning Sailing.

– "Thanks for the wonderful gift." - Mark.

Festeraeb and Mike will each receive a copy of US Sailing's Learn Sailing Right: Intermediate Sailing

Geoffrey and Jean each won a copy of US Sailing's Basic Keelboat.

– "Many thanks for kindly notifying me that I won a copy of Basic Keelboat form US Sailing! I'm thrilled and I will read it cover to cover." - Geoffrey.

P Newson and Connie each won a copy of US Sailing's Basic Cruising.

– "Wonderful News!" - P Newson.

Alan and Caroline have each won a copy of US Sailing's Bareboat Cruising.

US Sailing is already sending out prizes, but not everyone has responed yet. We're happy to wait for you to get back to us though not forever.

If we don't hear from winners within two weeks of notifications being sent we may award those prizes to another participant. So if you think you might be one of the winners, check your email inbox for your notification. See our Full Terms of Use & Privacy Policy for details.


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