Summer Sailstice in the Channel Islands with Avocet

June 30, 2021 by Nicki Bennett

On Summer Sailstice the crew of SV Avocet left the harbor early, headed for the Channel Islands for a weekend of celebrating sailing. Chris & Marissa were valued ambassadors and worked hard to get more people sailing on the Sailstice. In true ambassador fashion, they headed out with a small fleet of friends to enjoy the sail and weekend together. 


Excerpt from Sailing Avocet's Sailstice blog post:

It was the Summer Sailstice, a day to commemorate the Solstice and enjoy the extra hours of light on the water with the wind in your sails. Chris and I were honored to be ambassadors for the organization and had done our best to inspire people to get on the water in any way possible.


Joining us on our Sailstice parade to the island were Quincey and Mitch aboard Esprit and our new friends Ashley and Scott aboard Azimuth. We had left the marina around 11, just minutes after I (nearly) finished Coachwhipping our wheel, a process that took me the better half of ten days to complete. Trailing behind Azimuth we left the breakwater with Esprit on our tail. To their beam were our friends aboard Appa who sailed with us as long as they could before breaking off and heading back to port.


Head over to the Avocet blog for the full story on this very special Sailstice. 

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