Summer Sailstice Hauls in New Sailors in Montana.

July 25, 2017 by Monica Grant
Summer Sailstice Hauls in New Sailors in Montana.

Reggie Good and his wife enjoyed a long-weekend Summer Sailstice in Montana, aboard their Cal 27 T/2 "Knot Ready". Saturday was spent racing from North Flathead Yacht Club to South Flathead Yacht Club, and on Sunday Reggie helped introduce new hands to the great sport of sailing.

'My bride and I raced in a "long Distance Race" on Flathead Lake, MT on the 24th. Then I assisted instructing in an Introduction to Sailing class on the morning of the 25th. On the afternoon of the 25th, I took 4 new sailors out for an afternoon sail and continuation of the class. It must have worked, because 3 of the 4 new sailors have contacted us to see if they could sail with us again. On Tuesday the 27th my bride and I sailed back to our home port, North Flathead Yacht Club. Last night [June 30] two of the intro sailors joined us as crew for a buoy race where we took first place in our fleet. Sailing is good, particularly in a good old boat on Flathead Lake, MT.'
Flathead Lake, Montana
Navionics 'Satellite' view of Flathead Lake, MT.

North Flathead Yacht Club (NFYC) is situated in Somers, Montana, at the northern end of Flathead Lake (no doubt this had an influcence on its name). The club was established in 1975 in transition from the Montana Sailing Associations “North Fleet”, and soon became the lake's center of racing and cruising activity. Today NFYC has 140 active family memberships, several active fleets including four PHRF fleets and several One design fleets, and offers sailors the opportunity to experience competitive racing in one of the most scenic venues in the world.
North Flathead Lake Yacht Club
North Flathead Yacht Club.

The South Flathead Yacht Club (SFYC), is based out of Dayton Yacht Harbor on the south-western shore of Flathead Lake, MT. Estblished in 1998 as a non-profit organization, the club is dedicated to advancing the sport of sailing, and as members of U.S. Sailing, SFYC provides learning opportunities, social events, a racing program, youth sailing opportunities, and a warm welcome for new sailors.
South Flathead Yacht Club
South Flathead Yacht Club.

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