Summer Sailstice, or Ocean March? You Can Do Both!

May 16, 2017 by Monica Grant
Summer Sailstice, or Ocean March? You Can Do Both!

Summer Sailstice is on June 24, and World Ocean Festival kicks off with an Ocean March on June 4. You can start with the March and Sail right on into the Sailstice!

"The ocean sustains marine life and our own–connecting us all across the world, providing sustenance, transport, economies, livelihoods." 

World Ocean Festival kicks off on June 4, 2017, with an Ocean March in New York Harbor. Sail with boaters across the globe in a "first-of-its-kind" parade to make a statement of unity for the ocean.

World Oceans Festival

The ocean can't speak for itself, so we need to speak on its behalf - 

"Join the intrepid community of concerned and caring boaters, yachtsmen and women, ferry and cruise operators, sailors, Vikings, fishermen and women, as mariners who care enough to parade for the Oceans and bring that message to the world leaders as we kick off the World Ocean Festival."

Summer Sailstice partner, Sailors for the Sea (SFTS), has put together a useful guide about how you can ensure that you're helping solve the ocean's problems, rather than contributing to them. SFTS's '8 Ways To Go Green...' gives you simple steps that you can take to show that you care enough to help. Even if you can't join the parade, take a look and learn about a few simple changes you can make everytime you sail. You can even plan ahead and aim to have a green Summer Sailstice!

Either way, make sure you're signed up and ready to sail. And if you are joining Ocean March, let us know. We'll be happy to share the great news!

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