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Summer Sailstice in Second Life will be a real blowout this year!

June 15, 2021 by Nicki Bennett
Sailing in Second Life

Virtual Sailstice is back with Sailing in Second Life. With 22 inworld events scheduled, starting at 2:00 AM Pacific Time (Noon in Europe where many of our participants are) and running all the way to 7:00 PM. Events include got regattas, submarine races, cruises, and live performers singing and playing instruments LIVE from their homes around the world.

The mer community will be playing around the boats (and probably harassing the submarine racers; it's all in fun.)
Second Life Sailstice
A boat show (think Pacific Sail in size) will run June 18 thru 21.  A photography exhibit starts on Sailstice Day and runs thru June 30, then becomes a traveling roadshow. Second Life photography is an art form; keep in mind that not only does the photographer have to set up scenes and lighting, but every single thing in the photo was painstakingly created by someone, somewhere.

Visit the full schedule of events here, and if you plan to check out Sailstice in Second life, don't forget to sign up on their event page so you are eligible for prizes and contests!

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