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Summer Sailstice is Wherever You Are!

March 21, 2018 by Monica Grant
Summer Sailstice is Wherever You Are!

We keep saying Summer Sailstice is for 'everyone', but did you realize Summer Sailstice is also for 'everywhere'?

Perhaps you think you need to be based at a marina, or sail with a yacht club or association, but in actual fact, you can sail wherever and with whoever you like. You can even sail on your own if you want to. It's true that the majority of Sailstice sailors sign up and sail locally with their friends or club, or join with others in their marina, but it's equally true that there are hundreds of sailors around the globe who just sail on the ocean and often aren't anywhere near land much less an organized event.

So what do these people do? They sign up and tell us where they expect or hope to be sailing on the annual Summer Sailstice weekend. 

Here are some examples of globe-roaming sailors who have given us their 'best guess' at where they will be on June 23. (And we say 'best guess' as we all know a sailing plan is what you give the folks back home, right before you head off to sea and bury the plan in the bottom of your duffel, along with your work gear.)

Charles expects to be sailing the South Pacific for Summer Sailstice aboard his Hans Christian 38T, Seagate.
 Tahiti Map
"We will probably be in Tahiti about that date. Hope to meet up with other sailors and share some yarns about the trip.  :)"

William expects to be sailing his 1984 Passport 40, S/V Wings, somewhere in French Polynesia, and hopefully at Rarotonga in the Cook Islands.
Cook Islands

Jean sails an Irwin CC named 'MitaKuuluu' and plans to be sailing on Estero Jaltepeque, El Salvador. A quick Google search says, "This place possesses a linear extension of 28 kilometers long and 1.5 kilometers wide that serve as a natural habitat for a large number of coastal birds and a variety of marine molluscs." Sounds idyllic!
Estero Jaltepeque

Cap'n Paddy will be sailing in Harrington Sound HA, Bermuda aboard his Whitby 42, Rita T.

And if you like the idea of sailing in large company, the Ocean Cruising Club is hosting the OCC Azores Pursuit Rally during which boats will sail to Horta, on the island of Faial in the Azores.
Horta Map

You get the idea right? Summer Sailstice is for everyone, everywhere. So if you happen to be out sailing far far away, sign up and tell us about it, we promise we won't tell anyone... kidding. We'll share your story far and wide to inspire sailors around the globe to cast off and take off. #wherewillyousail

Summer Sailstice 2018

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