Thanks SpinSheet for Helping us get the Whole World Sailing!

April 23, 2019 by Monica Grant
Thanks SpinSheet for Helping us get the Whole World Sailing!

SpinSheet Chesapeake Bay Sailing is blazing a trail of sailing celebration through its dedication to the sport and its enthusiastic support for Summer Sailstice. For more than 20 years the magazine, "written by sailors, for sailors," has been highlighting "the people, places, boats, personalities and events that make the Chesapeake one of the world's premier sailing grounds.

SpinSheet is also giving back to sailing with the creation of their new Start Sailing Now page - it's full of tips, opportunites and stories about sailors living, laughing and learning. So whether you're into racing, cruising or daysailing, SpinSheet celebrates you and your chosen sporting passion!

At Summer Sailstice we're beyond excited that SpinSheet shares our passion and is actively spreading the word about our annual, global sailing event and not only to their own readers. SpinSheet is sharing our story, and therefore your story, with the entire sailing community by inviting their advertisers to get on board with Summer Sailstice and become a part of sailing's greatest celebration!

How good is that!
SpinSheet Magazine

Out of interest, did you know that SpinSheet's claim that the Chesapeake is one of the world's premier sailing grounds is based on fact? Here's how we know:
*Chesapeake Bay is listed in numerous guides and mentioned on countless websites as being a 'must visit' sailing region. 
*Sail magazine, Coastal, and many other publications concur.
*The largest in-water boat show in the US is based there: Annapolis Boat Shows.

*And... Each year dozens of sailors celebrate sailing in the Chesapeake region with Summer Sailstice! Already there are more than 20 Sailstice celebrations planned for the June 22/23 weekend - 
Stingray Harbour Yacht Club is sailing to Little Bay
Hunter Sailing Association Station #1 is hosting their annual Summer Sailstice Raft-Up. This year's raft-up will be held at Waterhole Cove, and they're including a wine tasting contest! (*note to self - RSVP to this event)
Hampton Yacht Club & Broad Bay Sailing Association are inviting all members to ‘get out the boat’ and sail over the entire weekend (June 20th to 23rd) and enjoy anchor-outs, special activities, wine tasting, happy hour and a bonfire.
- Current and former Catalina 22 owners are invited to join the Catalina 22 East Coast National Cruise, from June 22nd. The cruise will have stops at Herrington Harbour North, Wye Island, Knapps Narrows, an anchorage in Broad Creek (off the Choptank River), Oxford and Cambridge, Maryland.
- Solomons Nonsuch Fleet (SNF) is hosting an invitational cruise in the Choptank River, Chesapeake Bay. Why not join them!

Summer Sailstice sailor, Mary Greblunas has organized the Hampton Yacht Club & Broad Bay Sailing Assocation's "Get out the Boat" celebration.

These are just a few of this year's celebrations already registered! There are so many events to choose from, and not just in the Chesapeake. Events are popping up all across the US and in far away corners of the globe, you need to look and decide for yourself which one you'd like to RSVP to. 

Oh, and don't forget... SpinSheet has also donated prizes for Summer Sailstice sailors, so make sure you're signed up and have your pin on the map for Summer Sailstice 2019.

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