Todd Wins A 2017 Summer Sailstice Burgee! How, you ask?...

May 19, 2017 by Monica Grant
Todd Wins A 2017 Summer Sailstice Burgee! How, you ask?...

Are you Hosting a Summer Sailstice Event? Want to win a 2017 Summer Sailstice burgee for your boat? Todd won a burgee and you could win one too. Just be like Todd!  

Todd registered his Summer Sailstice event and then invited people to register for Summer Sailstice and RSVP to his event,  "Moh Waddah, Moh Beddah. Lindon to Pelican Bay, Social Sail" (I think what Todd is saying is that Lake Utah is expected to have a good amount of water this year due to record snow depths over the winter, and that that's a very good thing!) 

'After three years of dropping water levels in Utah Lake, the winter of 2017 is on track to set new mountain snow pack record depths. Hydrologists are already predicting flooding, depending on how spring temperatures rise. Statewide, all of our reservoirs and lakes need water. With the promise of "moh waddah", Bonneville School of Sailing's annual social sail to Pelican Bay Marina should be one of the best on record. Plan on staying overnight. Bring your Hibachi and Ukelele...or have pizza delivered right to the marina. Watch for Social Sail details in Bonneville's newsletter, as we get closer to casting off those dock lines.'


Now this isn't Todd's first Summer Sailstice event (he's hosted at least 4 others), so he knows the ropes, but being the teacher that he is - the master mind behind Bonneville School of Sailing, Todd is demonstrating how to get the best turn-out for your event.

Tell everyone to register for Summer Sailstice and RSVP on your event's page! Everyone who is thinking about joining the event will be able to see that all their friends are signed up, and will want to come along too.

Be like Todd and you could be flying the 2017 Summer Sailstice Burgee from North Sails, on your boat! Get Everyone to RSVP on your event page, and if yours is one of the next 5 events to have 5 or more registered RSVPs you'll win a 2017 Summer Sailstice Burgee.

Maybe you'll fly your burgee at the beach?

And now for some interesting facts about Todd. 

Todd's passion for sailing was ignited in Hawaii in 1974, and in 2007 he opened the Bonneville School of Sailing - with only one boat, a Catalina 25, swing keel. Today, Bonneville School of Sailing operates five sail boats and has expanded its curriculum to include Celestial Navigation, Adventure Cruises, Racing Clinics and Offshore Passage Making, as well as social cruises on Utah Lake and Adventure Cruises to Catalina Island.

Todd is a certified  *U.S. Sailing Instructor and his school operates in partnership with *NauticEd.  *Summer Sailstice partners

Now, we're not saying you have to be 'exactly' like Todd - you might not share his experiences of sailing on the Pacific, the Bay, the Keys, the Adriatic, the B.V.I's and various inland lakes, and you might not hold a Captain's License for Inland Lakes and Reservoirs, but if you are hosting a Summer Sailstice event you can be like Todd, by inviting everyone to sign up and RSVP to your event.

Apart from maybe winning a burgee, you'll be able to see ahead of time who's coming (and who's not, giving you the chance to remind them) and you'll generate more interest and excitement for your event. Everyone wins!


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