Viper Fleets get ready to Sail on Sailstice

June 16, 2020 by Nicki Bennett
Viper Fleet US


The Annapolis Viper 640 Fleet will Rendez-vous at the mouth of Spa Creek at noon on June 20th to blast about in company. The course will be determined based on wind speed and direction so as to provide for about a two-hour sail. If you are an Annapolis Viper sailor, join the fleet on Sailstice. If you are a part of a fleet anywhere else in the world, we hope you will consider sailing on Sailstice. 


Viper Fleet


We can't wait to see where you will #rasieyoursails on Summer Sailstice. If you haven't put your pin on the map, you still have 4 days to put in your plan. Don't miss out on the longest day of sailing this year!

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