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Ways to Share Your Sailstice

June 17, 2022 by Nicki Bennett

The 22nd Summer Sailstice celebration kicks off tomorrow. It doesn't matter how you sail or what you sail on, just that you get out there and get our sails up!! In addition to sailing, there are many ways you can share your Sailastice, connect with our community, and enter contests.

We can't wait to see you all sailing tomorrow!!
* Post your photos to Instagram and Facebook and be sure to tag us and use #summersailstice 
* Tag us in your stories so we can share your day of sailing in real-time. 
* DM us photos and videos and we will share to our stories.
* Sailties has made a thread for Summer Sailstice and given us a direct download link for their app. If you haven't tried Sailties, it's a new sailing app that allows you to share your sailing track, photos, etc, and collaborate with crew. It has not hit the app store yet, so you will need our link to download it. 
* After your sail, email us all of your photos and videos so we can share them in our wrap-up blog posts and email newsletters!
*Don't forget about the contests. All of the contests this year will be submitted directly through our website. Check out the contests and plan your submissions so you can make the most of the longest sailing day of the year!!

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