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What Kinds of Sailstice Sail Plans are there, Anyways?

February 23, 2023 by Heather Breaux

2023 Summer Sailstice Is Coming!

When we write this at the end of February, June 24th may seem far off. But Spring time breeze, spring cleaning projects, and prepping for the summer means the summer will be here before we know it! It's time to think about your Summer Sailstice plans! How can you participate in this international Sailor's Holiday? Here's a quick refresher that went out in our newsletter today:

What kind of events can you plan?
1. Individual Events! You go out on a solo sail, or invite your friends and family out for the day together. See Sandra Williamson's sailing plans aboard her Catalina 309, Que Serra, on Lake Tahoe in California. 

2. Public Events! You are inviting the public to participate in a sailing event, such as an Open House. See Green Bay Sail & Paddle on Lake Michigan. 

3. Demonstration Events! Your club is hosting a race or cruise that showcases and publicizes sailing but it is not open to the public. See St. Peter's Marina on Cape Bretton Island.  

But wait, you say, hold on. "I can't do Summer Sailstice because I'm racing!" ...just post it as an Individual Event and you're in! This sailor's holiday is a great way to gather friends, family, even pets, for some fun out on the water. There is something for everyone - you can participate solo or in large groups, on lakes, bays, rivers, or oceans! Whether you've been sailing the Sailstice for 15 years or are new to the community, it's easy to participate in the fun - login now to get started.

->Which kind of event describes your Summer Sailstice sailing this year? Let us know by posting your sailing plan on our forum. You'll see your plan pinned on the map, potentially get featured in our newsletter and in the Sailstice news stories, and enter for a chance to WIN BIG. Contests, prizes, and sailing - couldn't be a better way to celebrate this summer solstice.<-

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