Wondering How To Celebrate Summer Sailstice?

April 22, 2016 by Monica Grant
Wondering How To Celebrate Summer Sailstice?

Clubs, groups and friends all over the world are putting their pins on the map and inviting you to join them. 

Here are some local events already posted. Use them as examples, or sign up and go along to one of the “Public” or "Demonstration" events!

Pacific Northwest Jeanneau Rendezvous

Now in its 16th year (the same as Summer Sailstice!) Marine Service Center's Pacific Northwest Jeanneau Rendezvous has always taken advantage of the extra daylight hours of the solstice to gather Northwest Jeanneau owners for a celebration of sailing on Summer Sailstice.  

Saratoga Lake Sailing Club

If you find yourself in ups New York this June, perhaps you’d like sail with the Saratoga Lake Sailing Club!

This active sailing club wants to introduce more people to sailing and is offering Free Sails on Saratoga Lake. All the boats will be captained by experienced sailors allowing you to sit back and enjoy the ride, or if you prefer, take a turn at the helm and get a feel for the boat yourself. 

Members of SLSC will also be on hand to answer questions and help provide information about their sailing programs for adults and children.

The great thing about this event is that no experience is needed. You can just turn up and hop aboard one of the boats which rang from 16 to 23 feet in length. You don’t even need to bring a life vest, the club has plenty on hand. 

Follow the link for further details go to http://www.summersailstice.com/event/saratoga-lake-sailing-club-summer-sailstice-free-sails

Schooner Trip on San Francisco Bay Aboard the Freda B

The Freda B is a regular member of the San Francisco Bay charter scene but they always make a point to to publcize their sailing plans on Summer Saisltice weekend.  In 2016 they're creating a special Father's Day 'Brews On The Bay' beer tasting.  We're not sure what the 'B' stands for in the Freda B but we're now thinking it might be 'beer'.  Either way, a dad's day on the Bay to celebrate with a beer tasting under sail sounds pretty perfect!

Race In The Newport Bermuda Race

For Summer Sailstice Adam Loory of UK Sails is heading 600 miles to the magical island in the Atlantic along with hundreds of other sailors in the biannual Newport-Bermuda Race.   By also signing up for Summer Sailstice he now he has a chance to win the race, a free one-week charter from Sunsail or gear from UK Sails! (Actually Adam - no chance on winning the UK stuff.)

How about attending a Demonstration event?

The Muncie Sailing Club in Indianapolis is hosting the Call of the Conch Funny Man Regatta.

Full details are yet to be disclosed, but we do know that they include an early dinner, a race course, presumably ‘bendable’ rules, and a hidden start line?

Curious? Find out more at http://www.summersailstice.com/event/call-conch-funny-man-regatta

The 'Conch' has spoken at the Muncie Sailing Club.


Perhaps you’re planning to be in Missouri this summer?

The Mark Twain Lake Sailing Association ( about 30 minutes west of Hannibal) is celebrating Summer Sailstice with the annual “Commodore’s Cup.” 

The event is open to the public and there is no charge for participation. If you don’t have a sail boat, sign up and crew for someone else, you’d be welcomed aboard and may even help win the race!

The day will close with a group meal.

For more information take a look at their Summer Sailstice event page: http://www.summersailstice.com/event/mark-twain-lake-sailing-association-commodores-cup-summer-sailstice

Sailing action on Mark Twain Lake.


Meanwhile, back in California, the Hidden Harbor Yacht Club is hosting “ A Whole Race.”

This annual sailboat race is ‘just for fun’ and demonstrates racing in two divisions: First division is boats up to 31’, and the second division is for everyone else. 

So if you’re keen for some fun race action, get along to the HHYC and cheer-on your favorite sailboat. 

Details at http://www.summersailstice.com/event/hidden-harbor-yacht-club-whole-race-0

Hidden Harbor Yacht Club practising for "A Whole Race."

Free At Last -

The crew at Marina Bay Yacht Harbor in Richmond, CA., are spending the afternoon sailing with family and friends on the excellent waters of San Francisco Bay. 

You could find yourself taking in the local land marks such as Angel Island, Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz while meeting a host of like minded people.

12:00am, Saturday June 18th, 2016 at the Marina Bay Yacht Harbor EDock, Richmond, CA.

Find out more at http://www.summersailstice.com/event/free-last-0

So now that you’ve got an idea of what’s already planned for Summer Sailstice, Sign Up, and either join one of these fun events, or get together with your club, association or friends and create your own. Post it on our website and share it, we’d love to see what you’ll be getting up to!


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