Sailstice Event Ideas

Need Inspiration on what kind of event to throw?

In the last 19 celebrations of Sailstice there have been some great ones, scroll through the lists below to get some inspiration. We also encourage you to think outside of the box and create your own unique celebration. 

Event Creation Resources

Visit this page to find all the documents you will need to easily execute your event.

Visit this page to download and use Sailstice artwork including.



The current global pandemic reminds us all that even the best-laid plans are subject to change. Everyone’s first priority is the health of all first responders, family, neighbors, and planet. Everyone is encouraged to sign up, plan to participate but adjust plans according to the best health guidelines and requests from officials at the time. Sail Safe. Sail Often. To read our full press release click here.


A hosted Summer Sailstice celebration can:

- Create an inclusive event that brings all members and participants together to celebrate the fun of sailing and of being part of the club!

- Serve as the perfect platform for launching an open house to introduce new and ‘yet to be’ sailors to your facilities, programs, and benefits.

- Provide expanded awareness and publicity for your organization via the Summer Sailstice website.

- Create an opportunity for sister clubs, associations, and schools, locally and around the globe, to celebrate sailing together.

- Serve as the “event hook” for the launch of a new class, program, charter, fundraiser, or simply showcase your facilities.


By registering your event on the Summer Sailstice website and encouraging all participants to RSVP to your event, you're also giving them a chance to win from over 400 prizes just for joining the fun.
They will love winning, and you can later publish all the news about who did what, and who won what!


Here are some ideas to help you plan your Summer Sailstice celebration:


Celebrate the Solar Noon:

Solar Noon

Start a celestial, sailing tradition and welcome the solstice with a canon, or horns at Solar Noon while hoisting your sails in Sailstice Celebration. Firing a noisemaker at your local solar noon passes the celestial-baton to the sailors in next longitude who will in turn raise their sails as the sun crosses the globe.
To calculate your exact solstice time use the NOAA calculator, or check your local time at







Help protect your waterways and host a 'Green Event' by following Sailors for the Sea's Green Boating Guide  the Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta guidelines.

Sailors of the Sea




Social Events

For The Kids (or for those who refuse to grow up)

How about adding some salty music?


  • Check this list of sailing songs to take with you. 
  • Or grab a few instruments and make your own pirate tunes - create a video while you're at it and enter the Summer Sailstice Sea Shanty Shake 

Other Creative Ideas from Summer Sailstice past participants:

  • Movies by Mainsail (Stingray Harbor Yacht Club)
  • Lunar Disco in Northern Idaho
  • Summer Sailstice Drink (recipe) Contest (Stingray Harbor Yacht Club)
  • Long Beach “Catapalooza”
  • Racing and Cheeseburgers (Lake Delta Yacht Club)
  • Beach Cleanup Volunteer Event (San Carlos Yacht Club)
  • SummerSailstice “Sail In, Dine Out” Charity Event (Donations to Seacology)
  • Heart of Sailing Celebrates Summer Sailstice
  • Newburyport Maritime Society Celebrates with Races, Marketplace and Kids Programs