Attention: Lake Michigan Sailors!

May 7, 2022 by Sailing Avocet

We love that our ambassadors love sailing as much as we do! They are dedicated to inspiring others to raise their sails in any way possible on June 18th. Gail Turlock of Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation recently sent out Lake Michigan Surf's May 2022 newsletter that included a blurb about Summer Sailstice on page 8 of 62 pages! Check it out:

Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation is participating in the 22nd Anniversary Celebration of Sailing to invite the public to join sailing and increase awareness of sailing.

As part of the 22nd annual worldwide Summer Sailstice, Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation encourages all its member clubs and individual members to join in sailing ‘together’ with sailors everywhere on the weekend of June 18, 2022 - the weekend closest to the summer solstice. Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation will celebrate by helping all its clubs build awareness of their Summer Sailstice events, inviting current and prospective sailors down to the docks to get on the water under sail or to contribute by demonstrating the best of the sailing world.

This year Summer Sailstice celebrates its 22nd anniversary — 22 consecutive years of worldwide sailing celebrations. Summer Sailstice invites sailors to hoist their sails wherever they are and aboard whatever they sail to showcase the “who, what, where, why and how” of sailing. One weekend in the life of sailing, and a lifetime of sailing in one weekend. Summer Sailstice is the time for all sailors of all sailing styles to celebrate ‘together.’

Participation is free at Everyone participating in Summer Sailstice helps support sailing locally while connecting with the global sailing community. Participants create Sailstice events, recruit crew, invite others, post stories and learn about other Sailstice events being organized in their area. Every registered participant is automatically entered in the draw to win from hundreds of prizes contributed by sailing businesses and organizations such as Navionics, North Sails, West Marine, Offshore Sailing, North Sails, Jeanneau, Team McLube and many more.

Summer Sailstice supports ocean conservation and actively supports organizations such as Sailors For The Sea. When signing up for Summer Sailstice, participants can join Sailors for the Sea in their mission to secure a better future for the world’s oceans.

Calls to action like this are extremely effective in obtaining new participants and connecting more folks in the region the newsletter is sent. Do you have a newsletter that gets sent out regularly? Be sure to use our Summer Sailstice graphic as a header, footer or in the body of your message to spread the good word of sailing! Interested in learning more about Gail's event or finding one near you? Check out the events page on our website!

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