Countdown to Contests!

June 14, 2020 by Nicki Bennett

Sailors get ready to #raiseyoursails! The 20th Anniversary of Summer Sailstice is less than a week away. Last-minute plans and events are popping up all over the world.

When you put in a plan for Sailstice, you are automatically entered to win from our awesome prize pool. But let's not forget there are more ways to win. 

Visit our Contest Page to learn about all of them, and prepare to create winning entires.


North Sails Photo Contest

Welcome aboard North Sails! North Sails is supporting Summer Sailstice and sailing, plus they've donated a North Sails duffel for the best Summer Sailstice sunrise or sunset photo

2020 Video Challenge

Charge up your cameras, dust off the drone and get ready for the 2020 Summer Sailstice Video Challenge.

Restore an Old Sailboat

The Restore an Old Sailboat contest is back! We've resurrected this popular contest for 2020 and can't wait to see your projects and the results of your hard work.

2020 Raft-Up Competition

Take a photo of all the boats rafted together for your Summer Sailstice celebration. Remember to tell us how many there were (we just want to see if you can count), tell us where you rafted up, and then tell us a little about your celebration.

Best 'RSVP' List

Team McLube is offering a case of OneDrop Ball Conditioner (that's 12 x pinpoint dispensors) for Summer Sailstice sailorsBest 'RSVP' List

Other ways to participate. Tag Summer Sailstice on Facebook or Instagram to be featured. Use the #summersailstice and #rasieyoursails. You can also email your photos and sailstice tales to: nicki@summersailstice.

If you are in the SF Bay join the YRA Photo Treasure Hunt. A few other photo treasure hunts have popped up around the country and we have created instructions on how to create your own if you want to make you own contest amongst club, friends and fleets.

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