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April 29, 2021 by Nicki Bennett
Blue Hill Sailing

As of today, we have 50 days until Summer Sailstice 2021. While not yet into the final countdown, we can feel the excitement building as events pop up around the globe. From Maine, North Dakota, California, to Lake Eerie and beyond. Many public events have popped up on the map that you can join, of course, you can also create your own event or just a personal plan to #raiseyoursails. No matter how you sail, we hope that you will help us celebrate the 21st Anniversary of Summer Sailstice. 

Below are. few events you can join if they happen to be in your area. They might also serve as inspiration for the varied types of events people host.

Sailing on Blue Hill Bay

Take a sail on Blue Hill Maine (photo above)

Event: https://summersailstice.com/event/sailing-blue-hill-bay

Lake Sakakawea Summer Sailstice

Lake Sakakawea

Join a fun day of sailing on beautiful Lake Sakakawea. 

Event: https://summersailstice.com/event/lake-sakakawea-summer-sailstice

Humboldt Yacht Club Big Lagoon Dinghy Series


Big Lagoon dinghy race series! Come to Humboldt County California and just north of Trinidad is a fantastic brackish lagoon just perfect for dinghy sailing.  Humboldt yacht club is putting on a dinghy series that anyone can come and join the fun! 

Event: https://summersailstice.com/event/humboldt-yacht-club-big-lagoon-dinghy-series

Lake Erie Islands


Sail to the Lake Erie Islands with us!

Event: https://summersailstice.com/event/lake-erie-islands

We can't wait to sail with you on Sailsitce!! Sign up for sails up-- today. 

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