This Lucky Old Champion is Being Lovingly Restored in Monterey.

July 5, 2017 by Monica Grant
This Lucky Old Champion is Being Lovingly Restored in Monterey.

Eriksen Digman decided that rather than let this 1959 built, champion Flying 15 go to scrap, he would loving restore her.

'An old Flying 15, Uffa Fox Design, 'Amaryllis', was abandoned at my boatyard due to years/decades of neglect. I brought her to my backyard and have restored her to a new glory for the new millennium.'

'I've found that she was built in 1959 USA #318, by Wayne Wilson  in California. She won the US nationals, 1st USA in 1976. When I saw it I had no idea what it was, but knew that I couldn't let it go to Land Fill.

This was her about 4 years ago, completely de-laminated & deck  1/2 rotted -

This is 2015 getting her new deck glued down -
Amaryllis deck gluing

And here she is the week before summer sailstice, not quite ready to hit the waves for solstice, but almost ready to receive her mast and get out on the water this summer -
Amaryllis almost ready

And yes she got a plumb bow, new carbon rudder & tiller and modified keel, about 70% of all material used to rebuild her came from leftover products and free samples.
Thank you for your consideration and see you on the water.'

Eriksen, thanks for your entry, 'Amaryllis' looks like she'll be one pretty boat when she's finished. And it's great that you were able to use leftovers and free samples!

The Flying 15 is one of many boats designed by Isle of Wight boat builder, Uffa Fox in 1947, and is regarded by many enthusiasts as the orignal sports boat. The two-person sailboat is a keeled dinghy and is raced and leisure sailed around the world in oceans, and inland waterways. Today the Flying 15 enjoys a large following with clubs and assocations in several countries.

This is what a fleet of Flying 15s look like mid-race -

Fleet Flying 15s Racing  

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