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New Sailstice Sailor Alert!

March 14, 2023 by Heather Breaux
Catalina 25

Big welcome to a new Sailstice user, S. Digby. You can remain anonymous, we don't allow judgement in our community. But just so everyone knows, we're SO excited to have a new Summer Sailstice sailor onboard this summer! Digby and their boat are located in Texas on Lake Travis near Austin. It's an interesting location to sail! The lake is just off the Colorado river and is home to lots of marinas and boat rental locations. Digby's boat going out is a Catalina 25! Send us an email if you'd like to alert us to any new first time Sailstice sailors. Or, better yet, help them set up a plan on our Sailstice site so we have a chance to welcome them into the fold.

There are other Catalina 25 sailors on Lake Travis too. One of our 2021 Ambassadors Kim Paternoster (pictured above!) has been sailing Catalina's for years. "I've been affiliated in some way with Summer Sailstice for over 15 years, with the my first Sailstice happening on Lake Travis on my Catalina 25," she writes. 

We were all new to the Summer Sailstice at some point. So what is the event anyways? It's a Sailor's Holiday meant to illuminate the sailing activities the world over. You can read about the Summer Sailstice founder and where the idea came from. The first official Summer Sailstice was over 20 years and it's still going strong! If you're a lifetime sailor or just getting started, help us spread the word. We know you're out there sailing so why not share with us? It's our goal to get as many pins on the map as we can - get the whole world sailing!

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