A Pictorial Scoop on Sailstice Celebrations 2019

July 3, 2019 by Monica Grant
A Pictorial Scoop on Sailstice Celebrations 2019

If you've ever celebrated Summer Sailstice you probably know that apart from welcoming the summer sailing season, it's also a great opportunity for sailors everywhere to get together and celebrate sailing itself. And what happens when sailors celebrate could remain a secret to those who haven't yet got onboard, except for the fact that sailors also love to take photos and send them along for others to enjoy - or to get envious over. Whatever the reason, we're happy to be receiving photos from sailors everywhere who celebrated Summer Sailstice on June 22/23, and we want to share them with you!

Rochester NY:
"We celebrated Sailstice by racing in Genesee Yacht Club’s Scotch Bonnet Light Race starting in Rochester, NY, then sailing 83 NM to Canada and back. Our crew of five representing Sodus Bay Yacht Club sailed on a Beneteau First 310 called Apothic. Conditions were incredible with 8-15kt winds throughout the race, brilliant stars in between the thin cloud cover, a sunset and sunrise that were stunning, and the best sailing I can ever remember.  I’ve included a view from the rails taken shortly after the start."
- Christopher Hubbell
On the rails

Ventura, Southern California:
"It a was an unusual sunny day in this recent series of SoCal gray May days as we sailed out of Ventura Harbor to Santa Cruz Island last Saturday. 15 knots of wind on a close reach had our Valiant 42 moving at hull speed on the parabolic course which would take us to Smugglers Cove for our first voyage since sailing back from Mexico last month. 
The water was colder and the air doesn’t envelope one in the same warm embrace as we  found in the tropics but our boat moved gracefully towards a familiar anchorage like returning to its hometown after years of college. 
Another Sailstice slid past us and trailed in our wake."  - Greg and Kathy Kircher, S/V Fellowship
Ventura California

Satellite Beach FL:
"My wife and I got our Hobie 18 Magnum out on the Banana River Lagoon in eastern Florida Sunday, per our posting of our annual Pirate sail. Picture 1 is just before launch with flags flying; picture 2 is under sail."
"My standard posting 'Sailing under mark from her majesty Elizabeth Regina, and flying the Jolly Roger - we be searching for plunder for the treasury and rum and wenches for the crew... Argghhh !!!' is a tongue in cheek reference to ancestors Francis LeBaron, a French privateer who was shipwrecked on the coast of Mass in the 1690's (his sentence to hang was commuted as he was the ship's Dr and helped with an epidemic in the town) and Admiral Sir John Hawkins, one of Elizabeth I's Sea Hawks (pirates to the Spanish) and commander of the Victory against the Spanish Armada.  Hawkins was 2nd cousin to Sir Francis Drake.  I love to 'run down' other sailboats in my faster cat."  - David Cobb.
Ready the rigging Under sail

Cayuga Lake, NY:
"This year we combined one of our annual long distance races with Solstice. We sailed 12 NM from Ithaca Yacht Club to Sheldrake Point on Cayuga Lake, one of the Finger Lakes in upstate New York. Once we got there, we all rafted up and enjoyed lunch together before sailing back home. It was a spectacular day." - Susan Swensen Witherup
Rafting on Cayuga Lake

Sooke, BC, Canada:
"In Sooke we had a cold day and Gale Force winds so it was a bit slow for our Sailstice. We were able to get a handful of people to the dock for our open house, but the organizers had a great day sitting around waiting for people. For the potluck only two boats and 6 people braved the wind and one person kayaked out to the flotilla. It was a great meal with great people and my Best Ever Crab Cakes, Baked Brie, Garden Salad and Ambrosia. Thanks for hosting this and we’ll see you next year!" - Gord Fulcher, Sooke Sailing Association  Sooke Sailing Association has entered the 'Restore an Old Sailboat' contest. Take a look at their entry: Sooke Sailing Restores an Old Sailboat 
Dinner onboard

Somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean: 
"I had the good fortune to crew on MoJo, a J46 from Bermuda to CT. Quite an adventure with waterspouts and a lumpy Gulf Stream crossing. Gratitude to skipper Eric for inviting me along!"- Auguste Fortin
Sailing from Bermuda

There are more photos to come so stay tuned. If you haven't sent us your photos yet please do! 

Also keep an eye on the calendar as the 2019 Contests close on Sunday July 14 at midnight (PT). 

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