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Sailing in Second Life

April 22, 2020 by Nicki Bennett
Sailing in Second Life

Sailing Second Life!

Second Life is a virtual world, where you can be anyone and do anything. There is a group of sailors who are sailing in Second Life, and they have put in plans for the 2020 Summer Sailstice. 

Though Summer Sailstice has always been about getting people OFF their computers and ON the water in sailboats, this year, in many communities, exactly the opposite is true. Perhaps the best thing you can do is to stay home. What better time to try virtual sailing?

Second Life

This year Dave Bloch (Dale Irata in Second Life) has several Second Life yacht club events coordinators on board. It will include races, cruises, at least one party, and maybe a boat show with multiple vendors.  The boats are amazing; from little dinghies to a Folkboat, and large yachts with full cabins.  The racing boats fully sense winds, waves, and currents, including when a windward boat will block the wind and slow you down.  The programmers have been doing this for years and it just keeps getting more realistic.

Second life

If you don't see yourself sailing this Summer Sailstice, perhaps it is a perfect opportunity to try Sailing in Second Life SL for the first time and see what's offered. The difference between a Virtual Regatta (a video game) and Second Life (a virtual world), is a totally different experience. 

Visit the Sailing in Second Life Summer Sailstice page to see what it is all about! You can join the Sailing in Second life Event here.

Whether you get on a boat or join the virtual sailing world, we want all sailors everywhere celebrating with us on June 20th! Check out the great events forming and put in your plans today!

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