Sailstice in San Diego

July 6, 2020 by Nicki Bennett





















A while back we shared that we received the most thoughtful and creative gift from a long time Sailstice sailor, masks crafted from old Sailstice tee shirts. Terry O'Shea and his wife Charing are a long time Sailstice participants. This year, Terry won a Sailstice tee-shirt and hat, and we are so thankful to have him a part of our community, year-in, and year-out. 

Sailstice Burgee

From Terry O'Shea:

This year we sailed on our boat the S/V CarolMarie in San Diego Bay keeping to strict COVID-19 protocols. My wife Charing, our first mate Cheryl and me (Terry) sailed from the middle of the harbor out to Point Loma, then back all the way to Chula Vista only to return to her birth in the middle of the harbor. My wife had made masks for the occasion from an old Sailstice Bahama shirt.  We have been participating in Sailstice on the CarolMarie for the last eight years.  We have a tradition of hoisting all the burgees the week before the event, then at the end we each sign the burgee for that year.

Sailstice Burgees

San Diego Sailstice

Sailstice Burgee


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