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Sonya and Jack: Ambassadors

November 17, 2020 by Nicki Bennett

You may remember Sonya and Jack of Two the Horizon as our first Ambassadors for 2020! We are happy to have them back this year as we expand our Ambassador Program. Let's get to know them a bit better.

Tell us a bit about yourself! 

I (Sonya) started sailing in high school while living abroad with my family in Uruguay. I've been obsessed with sailing ever since and have been living aboard for almost 6 years and still love every minute of it. I continue to expand my knowledge in all aspects of boating: canvas and sailmaking, mechanics and electronics, as well as receiving my USCG 50 ton captain's license.

Jack grew up sailing every weekend, rain or shine with his family on their Hunter 30 in the Chesapeake Bay. After that, he raced for a couple of years on the East Coast before moving to San Francisco Bay, purchasing his first boat and beginning his liveaboard life. Less than six months into boat ownership, Jack and I met and we've been inseparable since! Jack has been a great teacher when it comes to mechanics and driving boats with engines. We lived aboard Spirit (Hunter Legend 37) for 3 1/2 years before upgrading to our current home, Gemini (Passport 42).

We both love our life on the water enough that we've made it our business, too! For the past 4 years, Spirit Marine Services has been our main livelihood, doing a wide variety of maintenance, repairs and installs. It's awesome to help get others out on the water enjoying their boats and we love treating each client's boat like our own! We plan to cruise North to the Alaska Inside Passage before heading South towards Mexico and eventually the South Pacific. Until then, we continue to sail San Francisco Bay and cruise the California Coast as we continue to upgrade our vessel. We share our sailing and boatlife adventures on our Youtube channel, Two the Horizon Sailing.

What is your favorite color?  Blue

Preferred type of sailing: Cruising (although small boat sailing is always fun!)

Boat Make:  Passport

Boat Length: 42

Boat Name: SV Gemini


Gemini has her homeport of Seattle, WA which is where she lived most of her life before we bought her. We live aboard in Emeryville, CA.

Favorite Point of Sail: Downwind or broad reach with our lightweight drifter sail!

How long have you been sailing? 

I (Sonya) have been sailing for over 10 years. Jack has been sailing for almost 20 years. Together, we've been living aboard for almost 6 years.

What do you love about sailing?

Feeling immersed in nature, using the wind to push us towards adventure and new horizons. We have seen some astonishing places thanks to our lifestyle afloat and this is only the beginning of our cruising adventures! We also appreciate how life on the water has made us hyper-aware of our consumption and impact on the environment, knowing how much waste we create, power we consume and water we use!

How long have you been participating in Summer Sailstice? 

This is our second year!

What are your Summer Sailstice plans for 2021?

Sailing, probably somewhere on San Francisco Bay! Who knows, maybe even a raft up with fellow Sailstice Ambassador, Nicki!

Are you a part of any sailing clubs, fleets or organizations? 

Young Cruisers Association, Sailstice Ambassadors

Why do you want to be a Summer Sailstice Ambassador? 

To share our love for sailing, and to repeat the great memories we had as Sailstice Ambassadors last year!

How do you plan to promote Summer Sailstice? 

Through our Instagram @twothehorizon & @jlegend37 as well as on our YouTube channel: Two the Horizon Sailing.

 Who is your sailing hero?

Hmm... That's a hard one. There are so many amazing sailors out there - it makes it hard to pick one. Currently, I would say Liz Clarke has been inspiring as to how she has meshed her love for sailing and adventure with her passion for the environment. 

What is your bucket list sailing trip? Jack has always wanted to sail to Japan, but we also really want to see French Polynesia!

Favorite Sailing Movie? Maiden Voyage

You can follow Sonya and Jack’s life and sailing adventures on their blog Two the Horizon.  They also have a great YouTube Channel where they share their life aboard and some amazing boat projects (if you want to support their adventures you can also become a Patron). You can also find them on Instagram @twothehorizon, Facebook at Two the Horizon and their Marine Service Business, Spirit Marine.  


Sonya and Jack aboard Gemini, Yellowbanks Anchorage, Santa Cruz Island
SV Gemini at Anchor Channel Islands
At Anchor
There is nothing quiet like sunrises and sunsets in far off anchorages.
Gemini on Sailstice
The crew of SV Gemini celebrating Summer Sailstice 2020 on the SF Bay.


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