Summer Sailstice Pandemic Guidelines

May 15, 2020 by Nicki Bennett
SS Burgee

Sailstice remains on the June sailing calendar because it's always been an event where everyone can participate in something bigger while we all find a way to celebrate in our own, local, individual way. We can all sail 'together' but remain socially distanced. However, we do need to state the following:

Pandemic Warning: The current global pandemic reminds us all that even the best laid plans are subject to change. Everyone's first priority is the health of all first responders, family, neighbors and planet. Everyone is encouraged to sign up, plan to participate but, adjust plans according the best health guidelines and requests from local officials at the time.

As a global celebration that invites everyone to 'sail globally and celebrate locally' we've always been keenly aware that, just like the weather, local conditions vary. You don't go out and sail on Summer Sailstice if it's blowing a gale and you don't host events requiring social interaction in the midst of a pandemic. Conditions and guidelines from local health officials could differ drastically depending on whether you are sailing in New Zealand, Scotland, Cape Cod or San Diego. 

Summer Sailstice has always included regattas, open houses, raft ups, community sailing days and many more creative ways to celebrate. This year may require the most creative ideas ever! 

The event is all about sailing and is not encouraging any form of renegade behavior. We respect the challenges being faced in many parts of the world by doctors and nurses, customs officials, Coast Guard and numerous other entities charged with protecting our health and safety. 

One of the greatest things we know from hosting Summer Sailstice for 20 years is that the sailing community is fantastic. The laws of the sea ask us all to come to the aid of a vessel in distress. Currently much of the world is in distress and we are only interested in being a positive contributor to reducing this. We know sailors will come to the aid of each other and the planet. Each local event host will have to assess local conditions and run events that are fun, safe and keep everyone smiling. 

We know sailors learn to respect 'mother nature' and believe, if the whole world lived like sailors, the world would be a better place. 

Many things could change in your sailing area between the time we write this and June 20th. Our greatest hope is you'll be able to #raiseyoursails and go sailing. That might be singlehanded, with family household members or, hopefully, out with friends or hosting an open house. You'll have to use your best judgement. 

Hope for the best, plan for the worst and enjoy every day. We're looking forward to celebrating sailing with you wherever you are and however that works for you. 

As an idea here's a draft plan of a socially distanced activity we're planning for San Francisco Bay. Please feel free to redraft if with your own local land and navigation marks and post your #summersailstice sailing photos to Instagram.

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We can't all get together but we can still sail 'together'.

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