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Tales of a A Virtual Sailstice

August 4, 2021 by Nicki Bennett

For the second year running ambassador Dave Bloch hosted a Summer Sailstice extravaganza in Second Life, which is a global virtual community. Most likely the largest and longest-running Sailstice event at 17 hours with hundreds of participants. 

From Sailstice in Second Life:

We started at 2 a.m. PDT with the Second Life Cheerleaders doing a show at Malolo Island Marina.  Twenty folks from around the world logged in to perform complex choreography that they created and practiced. 

The whole weekend was incredible.  I'll do my 60-second challenge video but will do a longer compilation as well. Although I realize we're virtual, we must be the biggest Sailstice event in the world by the number and variety of events, the number of people participating, and probably the duration. Saturday was 17 hours of events; the Nautical Exposition ran 4 days.

Second Life Sailstice

There are LOTS of photos and almost-raw videos posted already. Damn near the whole sailing and mer worlds know what "Sailstice" means after this year. And I think Linden Lab (located in San Francisco) knows too. THANKS TO SAILSTICE, hundreds of people around the real world come together to create and enjoy this day! It's never happened before.


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Second Life Sailstice


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