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Ambassador Events in California

May 18, 2022 by Nicki Bennett
Geiger Cove

Summer Sailstice events are popping up around the globe. From solo dinghy sails to regattas to weekend raft-ups, there are many ways people will be celebrating sailing. We have a great roster of 2022 ambassadors ready to raise the sails and encourage their community to do the same. Our California ambassadors have quite a few dots on the map and are ready for a great weekend of sailing. 

Ambassador Ros De Vries will be hosting a Summer Sailstice raft-up in Clipper Cove with Island Yacht Club. 


Ryan Foland is hosting a Blue Water Cruising Club event in Big Geiger Cove Catalina. 


Geiger Cove

Nicki Bennett will be joining Owl Harobors cruise out in the Delta. 

Delta Raft Up

Marissa Neely & Chris Neely are hosting a sail out from Safe Harbor Ventura. 


Have you put your pin on the map yet? If not, there is not better time than now to join these sailors, and others around the world in sailing on Summer Sailstice 2022. 

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