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Clayton King: Ambassador

March 17, 2022 by Nicki Bennett
Clayton King

Welcome aboard to ambassador Clayton King. A long Sailstice alum and lifelong sailor. 

Tell us a bit about yourself! 

Started on dinghies, then 18' gaff, blue moon design. Then Aquarius 26, then the Gulf 32. Crewed a bit on 100'+ MV's. Now racing in Banderas Bay (PV), and the summers in PNW....salt water, fresh water, summer winter, spring and fall...done it all. Available to answer any questions...feel free to ask.

What is your favorite color? 


Preferred type of sailing: 

Crushing, racing, lake.

Boat Make:  

Captial Yachts Gulf 32

Boat Length: 


Boat Name: 

Maid Marion ll


Port Orchard Wa

Favorite Point of Sail: 

Close reach

How long have you been sailing? 

35+ year

What do you love about sailing?


How long have you been participating in Summer Sailstice? 

5 years+

Are you a part of any sailing clubs, fleets or organizations? 


Who is your sailing hero?

Too many to pick one. But if I had to choose, it would be the new guy, 3 Rd time out, and loves it

What is your bucket list sailing trip? 

I'm doing it, living the dream, for as long as God will allow

Favorite Sailing Movie? 


Clayton King


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