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Croatian Students' Sail Traditional Boats on Summer Sailstice

May 15, 2017 by Monica Grant
Croatian Students' Sail Traditional Boats on Summer Sailstice

Adriatic Maritime Institute (AMI) is dedicated to the preservation of maritime heritage through the practice of using traditional watercraft, as a platform for youth development. In this summer's programs in Croatia, students will have the opportunity to spend time on the sea, both rowing and sailing traditional boats, in one of the most most renowned traditional boat building areas on the coast, the island of Murter and the Kornati National Park. Fifteen students will take part in the eight-day intensive program, named the Kornati Adventure.  

The Kornati Adventure aims to give students the opportunity to not only learn about the region's boat building heritage and ecological significance, but to travel to the remote locations aboard the traditional sailing vessels known as the Gajeta (GUY-et-a) - vessels that were typical to the Dalmation Coast and used to transport good and materials. 

Gajeta Cicibela built in 1931. Photo by James Bender.

The students in AMI's summer program will benefit from skill based knowledge in boat building and sailing, environmental knowledge of understanding ecological and agricultural, and leadership training. AMI was founded by Dr. James Bender in 2010 and since then, the organization has successfully developed and delivered programs to help regional youth that have difficulties integrating into the local community. With a philosphy based on the preservation of maritime heritage AMI enlists help from older community members who pass on their knowledge and skills of the boats, and local agricultural practices.

Learn more about the Kornati Adventure.

Photo by Ljubo Gamulin.

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