Put Your Pin on The Map!

May 18, 2020 by Nicki Bennett

Every day we see the map grow with new plans. People are adjusting course, hoping, and holding the best intentions to #raiseyoursails on June 20th. Plans range from socially distanced cruises and anchor outs, non-organized races, and days on the water with members of the same household. Of course, if none of these is available to you this year, there is always virtual sailing. Sailing in Second life is creating a robust virtual Summer Sailstice event, that is sure to please even the most discerning armchair sailors. No matter, how you intend to celebrate sailing and kick off summer on June 20th, put in your plans and share it with the Summer Sailstice community world-wide. Check out the events below for inspiration on planning your Summer Sailstice!

Point Yacht Club Sailstie Celebration

Point Yacht Club
Point Yacht Club 2019 Sailstice Celebration

Point Yacht Club members can't think of a better way to escape the madness of Covid-19. Mark your calendars to celebrate the annual Summer Sailstice event with the Point Yacht Club at Redfish Point the weekend of June 20th. They will be practicing whatever social distancing rules that may still be in place at this time, but we hope you can join them for a day or more. If you don’t own a sailboat, they don’t care! You can still celebrate sailing!

Nyack Boat Club Social Distance Sail

Social Distance Sail
Social Distance #raiseyoursails on the Hudson River

Members of Nyack Boat Club are planning a socially distanced sail abiding by local restrictions. A day to get on the water, wave to friends, and feel the breeze in the sails. 

Brookville Lake Sailing Association Parade of Boats

Parade of Boats
#raiseyoursails for the Brookville Lake Parade of Boats

Brookville Lake Sailing Association will host a parade of boats in Brookville Lake on June 20th! Bring your boat, watch from the shore, stay 6 feet apart, and enjoy the Summer Sailstice!

Sunfish Sailstice COVID Style

#raiseyoursails solo aboard a sunfish!

Ted Corlett will sail his Sunfish solo on the Sailstice. Anyone else going out solo?! Let us know!

An entire Virtual World of Sailing on Sailstice

#raiseyoursails virtually on Summer Sailstice in Second Life

Many folks have been sailing virtually in Second Life for many years, with cruises, races, parties, marinas, yacht clubs, amazing boats (from tiny dinghies to 3-masted galleons), and everything else (except getting wet).

Sailing in Second Life is lining up virtual events to make this an exciting day. To participate, join the event here, and then visit https://sailvirtual.com/ for all the details! Sign up early! You will want to have some time to learn the basics of Second Life before the big day!

No matter how you sail, where you sail or with who, we hope that you will join us and #raiseyoursails on June 20th to celebrate our 20th Anniversary of celebrating sailing on the longest day of the year! It seems now more important than ever to chase our passions and embrace any activity that connects us together, even though we cannot be together. 


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