#raiseyoursails on June 19th

May 13, 2021 by jarndt

Where, on what and with who will you #raiseyoursails to join the world sailing on June 19th? 

Add your individual sailing plans to the thousands already posted - race, cruise, daysail, voyage, explore, whatever on the Summer Sailstice event map.

Start the summer right by joining the whole world sailing on the solstice weekend. Participate by sailing to Block Island for Block Island Race Week or by wing-foiling off the coast of Hawaii. Wherever whatever you sail we're looking forward to everyone hoisting their sails together on the Sailstice weekend. 

Brigantine Matthew Turner
Whatever you have to do to get your sails hoisted, assemble the crew, loosen the sail ties and enjoy a great day under sail.

June 19th has more daylight hours than any other Saturday of the year (yes, we know, in the Northern Hemisphere) and is the ideal day for you to invite family and friends so we can all sail 'together', wherever we are. We look forward to sailing 'with you' when you sign up and #raiseyoursails on the first weekend of summer. It could be habit forming.  

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